About Us

About us

We organize sports tournaments for our betting community.

After a detailed study in this branch, Betting, I noticed how friends and family members who have a problem with gambling and sports betting. I decided to find a solution to this problem.

A story that almost all bettors know and have seen with their own eyes or know someone nearby, family, friends, who started to borrow money from friends or from banks to bet more. This behaviour leads to psychological problems and problems within the family. This is where Tourbet.org comes in.

I know players and I have seen on social media channels people who analyse sports matches in detail and with great care and with a very high rate of accuracy, but only for one match, with a minuscule odd they lost the whole ticket, for me it is not correct from the point of view of the work done by the bettor where he invested time, money and stress.

Tourbet.org is a platform where we create sports tournaments with real matches and real players where users can choose to participate in tournaments: with free entry, variable or paid. In all tournaments, users collect points and at the end of the tournament, the first place wins the prize. The user has a very high chance of winning because the work done by him is rewarded and the points won are permanent until the end of the tournament. The user can win a Big Prize money even with just one ticked match.

As a team, we try to invest in the security of each tournament where we only have real players. All tournaments, all payments are prepared manually for better safety by a human operator from our team. Our job is to create a platform as safe as possible for our users.

This is a community, the more of us there are, the higher the prizes and chances will be.