Tourbet Rules



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Tournaments Types:

Variable Tournament - accumulation tournament (here the Prize is accumulated from the tournament entry amounts. It matters how many users participate. It requires a tournament entry amount)- Prize variates.

Fixed Amount Prize Tournament - fixed prize tournament (here the Prize is fixed regardless of the number of participants. It requires a tournament entry fee).

Free Tournament - The prize is fixed, the entry is free. Important: this tournament will have a fix number amount of participants.

1) 90 minutes

All matches are based on 90 minutes played. This includes the additional minutes of extra time, not the extra time the tie-breaking penalties or the golden goal. Matches that do not finish in the regular time of 90 minutes for various reasons will be cancelled or for the tournament organizers to decide.

2) Matches cancelled, abandoned or interrupted

If in the meantime the match is scheduled for another date, the match remains at the decision of the respective tournament organizers (it is cancelled or remains valid for an indefinite period or Final result Draw zero points awarded).

If a match is interrupted for any reason and is replayed in its entirety (with the clock starting at 00:00), it will be treated as an abandonment and bets on the original match will be void Final result Draw(zero points).

If a match is interrupted for any reason and is replayed in its entirety, and begins again, no longer than 24 hours, from the moment was interrupted, the bet stays.

3) Game System (TGS)

The Tourbet system is a tournament type system with a specific number of Users (Participants) (example: Tournament of 100 Participants / 1000 Participants / 25 Participants).

Each Tournament consists of a single Round.

The tournament has a betting time and whole Tournament Date. Bet after the betting time or date will not be taken into account.

Every tournament at least 1 sport game to predict.


In the tournament, all participants will play (select) all the matches created by the organizers. Specific to this Tournament, the user with the highest accumulated score will win the tournament.

The chosen correct prediction is added between them.

There will be only one winner; the prize will NOT be shared.


The matches chosen by the organizers will have only one choice option, between: "The first team wins", "Draw" or "The second team wins". Each participant will receive the same matches as all other participants.

Ex: "Arsenal vs Everton" - in this example Arsenal is the first team and Everton is the second team. If you think that Arsenal will win the match, you must choose "The first team wins" and if you think that Everton will win, you will choose "The second team wins" and if you think it will end in a tie, you will choose "Draw".

The participant is obliged to choose a single result "The first team wins", "Draw" or "The second team wins" from each match in regular time, otherwise participation in the Tournament will can not be confirmed by the participant. The user is obliged to play all the matches presented to him, otherwise the system will not allow him to participate in the tournament.

Each forecast has a score that represents its value (ex: I selected "The second team wins" which has a score of 185 points, the value is equal to 185).

The points will keep their value throughout the respective Tournament.

The points are only for accumulating the ranking score and determining the place in the ranking table.

5. Validation of Points and Trust Date

The points will be validated only if the participant's prediction is correct, otherwise the participant does not accumulate any points from the respective match (0).

If the participant correctly ticks at least 2 matches, the odds will be ADDED (+) between them resulting in the Score of the respective tournament. The highest score is the winner.

If the 1st places (plural) have the same amount of points, in this case the Trust Date system intervenes.

If all participants don’t accumulate any points (0), in this case the Trust Date system intervenes.

Trust Date (ex: 12.12.2022 hour 12 hours: 12 minutes: 12 seconds account registration date is the tie breaking method, "First come first served".

Any deleted account automatically loses its Registration Date.

We do not want to involve other (anonymous) electronic tie-breaking systems and so, we reward the trust placed in us, those who register the fastest, this way of tie-breaking is called "Trust Date".

6. The results

Games Results

After the official end of the tournament, the results will be displayed in the tour under the column "Final result" where the correct forecast will appear.

The standings results will appear in the table with participants (Ranking).


If the tournament organizer misses a result, the tournament goes on hold (48 hours) and the competitors will wait for the Final results until the mistake is corrected. The winner will be decided after correcting the mistakes.

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