TRUST DATE tie rule

In case of a tie, even if there are very small chances, if two participants have the same points at the End of the tournament, Date (ex: 12day.12month.2022 year / 12hours:12minutes:12seconds the date of account registration is the method of tie-breaking, trusting in us pays "First come first served".

Any deleted account automatically loses its Registration Date.

One year of inactivity, the account will be deleted (meaning, if the user has not participated in any tournament created by the organizers).

Your Trust Date will appear on your My account under "Account creation date".

We do not want to involve other (anonymous) electronic tie-breaking systems and so, we reward the trust placed in us, those who register the fastest, this type of tie-breaking is called "Trust Date".

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to assist you: